US Landscaping Products Market Demand Worth $6.5B by 2017

Zimbabwe media landscape to open up?

An apartment block with satellite dishes in Harare, Zimbabwe

(Photo: Hardscape products to benefit from outdoor living Landscaping products encompass decorative products, hardscaping products, outdoor structures, and other goods used to improve the appearance or function of an outdoor space. One key growth factor for these products is ongoing interest in developing outdoor living spaces, providing additional living space for relaxation and entertaining. The decorative products segment, which was the largest in 2012, comprises products (e.g., water features, lighting, pottery, and statuary) that are important to this trend. Hardscape products, which are projected to achieve the fastest growth through 2017, can be used to create the patios, walkways, edging, and walls that form the basis of outdoor rooms. Other products, such as outdoor heating elements, will also exhibit strong gains.
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1st TV will be beamed into Zimbabwe from abroad by satellite – and is hoping to reach “3 million viewers plus”, or roughly a quarter of the population. The source of the station’s funding is, for now, a secret. Start Quote We will be approaching Zanu-PF to ask them to participate in our editorial programmes and for advertising End Quote Andrew Chadwick Executive producer for 1st TV “The majority of our investors are private,” said executive producer Andrew Chadwick, a former communications director for Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. “We’ve also received support from groups supporting human rights, freedom and democracy. “But none of them want to be named because of the vindictive nature of some of the authorities within Zimbabwe.” Mr Chadwick insisted that 1st TV was not looking to swing the election towards Mr Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change party. “That’s not our job.
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The Benefits of Working With a Landscape Designer

What is a Landscape Designer - Landscaping

Design Appropriateness. Make sure your designer understands your gardening skill level and desired amount of maintenance. The last thing you need is pruning you cant handle or care you dont have time for. 2. Fees.Make sure you understand the designers fee, whether it’s a package or by the hour. If its the latter, be sure to get an estimate of how much time it will take to complete the design. 3.
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