Two polls show majority support for pathway to citizenship — and tougher border security

Tito Vilanova Pens Letter to Barca Fans as Messi, Mourinho, Iniesta Add Support

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Of course, the cost is high, but border security is one of the actual and explicit duties of the federal government. To put that cost in perspective, $46 billion comes to slightly over half of the sequester each year, and about 4.9% of this years estimated deficit. The cost gets spread out over several years, too, which that question doesnt bother to explain. Still, the numbers for each of the components are compelling. The pathway to citizenship has a 14-point gap at 55/41, with independent voters supporting it identically. Even 38% of Republicans support that component of the reform. Border security gets 2:1 support at 64/32, and a majority at 53/45 when costs are specified. Democrats support border security 56/40 without the costs, but fall to 43/53 with them; all other demos hold their support either way. The NJ/UT poll shows stronger support for a tougher border-security provision, but overall support for passing the Senate bill in the House: A strong majority of Americans, 59 percent, said they would like to see the House either pass the Senates immigration bill as is or pass a version with even tougher border-control measures, according to the latest United Technologies/National JournalCongressional Connection Poll . In contrast, only one in five voters said they prefer that the House pass no immigration legislation at all, and only 13 percent said they want the House to strip the path to citizenship from the Senates bill. In the survey, respondents were given four options for how the House should proceed on immigration. The two most popular answers were to pass the Senate bill with tougher border-enforcement provisions (30 percent) and to pass the Senate measure as is (29 percent). The trouble for Republicans is that passing immigration legislation without a path to citizenship was respondents least popular option across all age groups and income levels, among both men and women, in cities, suburbs, and rural areas.
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This act authorizes the use of force, including deadly force, against an intruder or attacker in a dwelling, residence, or vehicle under specified circumstances. It further creates a presumption that a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm exists under these specific circumstances, and declares that a person has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force If you click the link and look at the top of the page you will see the ALEC logo. If you look at the bottom of the document you will see: Adopted by ALEC’s Civil Justice Task Force at the Annual Meeting, August 4, 2005. Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors September, 2005 Distributed to ALEC legislators – and then implemented in 22 states , even though those states already had decent castle doctrine laws already on their books All for ALEC. Cause ALEC told them to. And yet today you have this: When asked Monday about ALEC’s current position, Bill Meierling, senior director of public affairs at the organization, emailed us this response: ” The American Legislative Exchange Council does not support Stand Your Ground policies. The Council focuses solely on pro-growth, economic issues to increase opportunity for all Americans.” Now ask yourself this: If you were an ALEC legislator who knows that introducing ALEC legislation helps you get scholarships to ALEC meetings and you had taken this legislation, given to you by ALEC, back to your state and implemented it from the copy that ALEC gave you: declares that a person has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force You did exactly what ALEC had told you to do maybe changing a few words here and there so it didnt look exactly like the ALEC Castle Doctrine PC Tune Up $49 on ALECExposed . But, you did what you were told.
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Now, ALEC Doesn’t Support It’s Own Legislation.

However, the cancer has returned, and Vilanova told the Barcelona supporters that he cannot give his all to the role while he continues tobattle the illness. The treatments that I am going to have to undergo from now on does not make it recommendable, in the doctors opinion, for me to dedicate one hundred percent of my effort to being the first team manager of a team as demanding as FC Barcelona , but I shall be staying close by and will be continuing to work for the club that I love so much in other jobs in the sports area. Vilanova began his footballing career through the famous La Masia academy at Barcelona, but unlike his friend Guardiola, he could not break into the senior team. He moved on to UE Figueres in 1990 before returning to the Spanish top flight with Celta da Vigo in 1992, where he spent three seasons. Vilanova became the first player to score against a team managed by Jose Mourinho, when he found the net for Lleida in a Copa Catalunya tie where the Chelsea boss had stood in for Barcelona coach Louis Van Gaal for the tournament. He began his managerial career with FC Palafrugell in 2003 and linked up with Guardiola as his assistant for Barcelona B.
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