The Need For Affordable Housing In Arlington County

7], his refusal along with other board members to support the establishment of a housing authority shows that his support is simply rhetoric. The report that more than 3,600 people applied to rent 122 units built in connection with the Arlington Mill Community Center elicited this observation from Mr. Tejada: The demand for rentals is amazing, no question about it. No wonder its amazing: The county has permitted developers to tear down older, affordable apartments and replace them with far more expensive ones. Furthermore, the countys requirement that developers provide some small number of affordable units does nothing to chip away at the huge backlog of persons needing them.
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Housing counsel: Can condos bar people ‘living in sin?’

The July amendment stated that the sale, lease or transfer of a Condominium Unit may be made only to an individual [or] to a husband and wife jointly. According to the document, the declaration was properly amended by the required supermajority of owners. Thus, condo lawyers have said that the new policy is binding. Others have questioned whether it violates the federal Fair Housing Act, which, among other things, prohibits discrimination against a protected class of people on the basis of race, religion or national origin. Are two unmarried buyers even two brothers browse such a protected class?
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Public Housing Activists: CHA’s Plan To Purge 47,000 People From Wait List ‘Unacceptable’

Activists say thats the lowest level of planned rebuilding in the history of CHA’s billon-dollar Plan for Transformation , which began in 2000 with the goal of having 25,000 rehabbed or new replacement units. The plan was originally scheduled to be completed by 2010, but it was extended through the close of 2015. At the hearing Wednesday, CHA officials said the MTW plan calls for an additional 220 housing units to be delivered in 2014 through the Real Estate Acquisition Program, the way in which CHA buys and receives units from residential building sellers. Additionally, 302 new project-based voucher units in Chicago will be delivered through the Property Rental Assistance Program , which offers payment contracts to property owners for multiple units. After these 562 housing units are brought online, CHA expects to have 89 percent, or 22,287 units, of the Plan for Transformations 25,000-unit target completed by the end of 2014. Even so, Wilson said CHA is still dragging its feet on living up to various promises.
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