Art History X Hiphopdx “custom Clothing” Giveaway

Forget Wal-Mart: This Is The Only Clothing Retailer I’d Own Right Now

No, not the art introductory class to satisfy any of your general education requirements for your major, the actual clothing line, which was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, by Northeast Philadelphians. Jay P, CEO and president, attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and after his first semester, he was offered a job from a company called Miskeen in 2004.After becoming successful in making their community known of the clothing label, through many tribulations, they eventually were able to open up a store on Frankford St and Princeton St in Northeast Philadelphia on March 1st of 2010. Art History 101 does a series of custom clothing for their customers so they are able to express their individuality. Art History 101 clothing store ranges their sizes from infants to adults and from females to males. They design custom artwork for skateboards as well.
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[More from Are Costco’s Growth Days Over? ] Nordstrom also leads its industry by a large margin in return on assets (ROA), a measure of management’s ability to earn a profit on a company’s existing asset base. ROA is derived by download dividing net income by total assets: For Nordstrom, that’s $759 million divided by $8.1 billion, which equals 9.4% — nearly 19 times the industry average of 0.5%. Even though the company is at the top of its industry, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio for its stock — just shy of 17– isn’t terribly elevated. Indeed, the industry average is a frighteningly high 156, and even the overall market is more richly valued with a P/E ratio of almost 19. Risks to Consider: Industry-beating inventory turnover and sales per square foot may be hard to maintain in the face of increasing competition. Saks Fifth Avenue, for example, is starting to emulate Nordstrom’s affordable luxury business model, and Macy’s has been looking to attract more high-end customers by upgrading its merchandise.
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